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What Accessories Does The Fix My Phone Sell?

The Fix My Phone sells many accessories for smartphones and tablets. We have a large range of products from leading accessories manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Snuggs, JBL, Case-Mate, and OnePlus.

We list many deals and discounts on smartphone chargers and cables. So, if you have misplaced your iPhone charger or you need a new one because yours isn’t working correctly, you can buy a replacement from us at an affordable price. We sell phone charger power adapters and USB cables.

We also sell cases, covers, and screen protectors. Give your phone or tablet extra protection from scratches and marks and help to secure it in case you drop it on the floor. The cases and covers are protective and stylish so whatever your sense of style (whether you like dark and rugged covers or glossy, glitter cases) you will be able to find something.

Music lovers can buy bluetooth headsets, speakers, and headphones from The Fix My Phone too. Listen to your favourite tunes in style with headphones from Skullcandy, Beats and other major accessory manufacturers. Or, crank up the jams at parties with wireless speakers from brands like JBL.

For gamers, we also sell VR (virtual reality) headsets. Enjoy mobile games in a brilliant first person perspective with VR accessories from Samsung and LG. It’s a hugely entertaining way to play games and VR headsets are great devices to bring out at parties!

Accessory Compatibility Information

The Fix My Phone sells accessories for all kinds of mobile devices. Whether you are on an Apple iPhone or a Samsung tablet, you will be able to find something here.

Accessory compatibility information will be listed on each product listing and each product listing will be labelled. So, a case for a OnePlus One smartphone will say “OnePlus” at the top, while a smart keyboard for an iPad will say “iPad” in the title. The product listing may also say that the accessory is compatible with iOS or Android devices.

Some accessories sold by The Fix My Phone will be universally compatible. Headphones with 3.5mm cables will work with all devices that have 3.5mm ports, such as many smartphones, older iPhones, tablets and laptops.

Does The Fix My Phone Sell Used or New Accessories?

Accessories sold by The Fix My Phone are brand new, used, or open box.

Most of the accessories that we sell are brand new and come right from the manufacturers in branded packaging. Brand new accessories sold by The Fix My Phone will display no marks and no signs of usage and have had no other owners than you. The accessory will also come with all of the branded manuals.

We also sell some second-hand or used accessories. Used mobile accessories are cheaper than those that you buy brand new and so are a great purchase if you are looking for a deal or discount. All used products sold by The Fix My Phone are good quality and do work. You’ll get a quality accessory while paying a lower price.

The Fix My Phone also sells open box products or products that aren’t in their original packaging. One product like this is our official iPhone charger bundle which has a power adapter and a Lightning cable. The charger bundle does not come in Apple branded packaging and is available in fuss free packaging that is eco friendly. You will get the same genuine iPhone charger but it will cost less. This is a brilliant deal.

Do Accessories from The Fix My Phone Have a Warranty?

All accessories sold by The Fix My Phone come with a warranty.

All accessories come with a 12 month warranty (except for “Fair” accessories which come with a 3 month warranty). With this warranty, you can return your accessory to us for a repair or a replacement if it isn’t working as intended. If a repair or a replacement is not available then we will give you a refund.

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